New Navi icons were added

🤩 New Navi icons were added 🤩Check them out and select the one that suits you 😋 *********************************************************************** Download Google Play: 🆓 Free ->🏆 Premium -> *********************************************************************** 🌎 Website -> ocrew#gps#locationshare#cm#followme#follow#followforfollow#followback#followers#follow4follow#followher#follower#followhim#followall#followbackteam#followbackalways#follows#followgram#followalways#tagblender#followmefollowyou#following#followstagram#follownow#ifollowback#followus#followmeback#followforlike#followmeplease#followshoutoutlikecomment 

🆕 Two new requested features added:

 Two new requested features added: 1 – To make it more easier for you to send a quick notification to your friends, we added a new message button on the Map tab 😊 2 –  Tap-ing on the profile picture will open the actions menu for the selected profile. 🙏 Thank you Alin Draghescu and Daniel Belehuz for the features suggestion !!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌 […]

Go Crew Version 4.9 is OUT NOW !!!

🎉 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉Go Crew Version 4.9 is OUT NOW 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉***********************************************************************We are working on this version since a couple of months now, and we are proud to let you know that is finally out. If you already had it, it will upgrade automatically. You will need to make your new profile and you are good to go. *********************************************************************** Download […]

What is new in version 4.9?

This update to version 4.9 is a big one and it includes the following changes & new features: Database change from MySQL to Firebase Real-Time Database (NEW) This was the biggest change of all. The entire app’s backend was changed for better performance, more efficient data usage, optimized battery usage, and scalability. Now is using […]


Your opinion is important to us 😎, that is why we made it very easy for you to drop us a few lines via the “Feedback” option in the main menu. Critics/improvements/bugs or just some thankful words are very appreciated. 🙌 #gocrew #4.9 #releasingsoonThank you for Andreas for this feature recommendation 🙌🙌🙌

FREE Version in progress for the 4.9

We are working on the free version of go crew 4.9. This will have now less features available, but still, the main ones will be there. Like every other free version app, this will also include some commercials.

New navigation markers in 4.9

Now this looks just like #Uber or #Lyft in multiplayer 😎🚗G🚙O🚕-🛵C🏍R🏎E🛴W🚲

More features to come on MAP

🙂 The map is the most important part of the app, that is why we add some more features and a refined material design elements. 😎 #gocrew#locationshare#gps

Version 4.9 – Coming soon

♨️ A new feature on the way for Version 4.9. Groups will be upgraded with background image and description 🙌 #gocrew

“Ok Google, Open Go Crew” – Voice Command For Location Sharing

  Now with the Google Assistant, you can share your location without even touching your phone. Just say “Ok Google, Open Go Crew” and the app will start automatically and you are visible for your friends real-time.       This is the most effective method used in 2018.  No focus interruption No multitasking (driving, cycling…  +  phone […]