We are happy to announce the release of Go Crew version This version has now updated libraries, a fresh new design, bigger map and many other improvements & features. 

To find out more, read the release notes below

Release Notes


Bug Fixes:


– When someone else in your crew was coming online, the camera was jumping to that user.
– Scheduled task to take users offline if the app was closed did not run properly
– Spotify background changed
– Back button added to the Spotify screen



Design changes:


1. Dark mode improved:
2. “Profiles” Tab was renamed to “You” 
3. “You” Tab Screen and “Crews” Tab Screen are also changed into dark mode
4. Map colors changed for better visibility and readability 
5. Share and refresh button removed from the map screen
4. Top bar Toolbar is now transparent
5. Zoom & Compas controls removed from the map
6. Text color changed to the blue for the main areas
7. Tab Menu from the bottom is smaller
8. Event button design highlighted
9. “My Crews” moved under Account
10.GPS pop-up info screen to turn on your GPS
11.Pulsing radar effect when moving
12.Quick Buzz button added near the chat on the map screen
13 Free Version now will include Video Ads 
14 Beautifull Gadient Colors added

Dependencies and libraries are up-to-date.