The main scope is TIME-SAVING & SIMPLICITY

Group Location Sharing Couldn't Be Easier Than This

Why Go Crew?


This is an app which shows your GPS position on map real-time, together with your friends.

Group Location Share

See where your friends heading REALTIME, FAST, and SIMPLE without any other interruptions. You can see their location, speed, icon,

Live pursue

Last but not least, FOLLOW your friend LIVE and go after them while the route to them will be updated live.

Set up elaborate design notifications

Easy get notification when your friends start the app, join or leave your crew, receive a BUZZ or a message.

Easy to use

All you have to do is to make your crew and tell your friends to join. This app is very easy to use and user-friendly. In 1 min you are on your way.


You can sign-up with your Facebook, Google, Email account or just stay low as Anonymouse

PREMIUM & ENTERPRISE plans are much better than the free plan, since it offers much more. The FREE Go Crew gives you a taste of how easy it is to use the main feature of the app, but the upgrdading brigs subscribers more benefits. Not to mention that is without commercials.

"Great app for sharing your location with your friends at festivals"

Mobile Magazine