Exciting news! 



We’re thrilled to announce the release of GoCrew Version 6.6.1, packed with enhancements, multilanguages and new features to elevate your experience. Here’s a quick overview:




1. 🗺️Smart Live Route Update Fix: 

We’ve addressed and resolved issues related to Smart Live Route updating. Enjoy seamless, real-time route optimization for stress-free following.



2. 📬Email Delivery Improvements (SPF & DKIM):

Your communication is essential. We’ve enhanced email delivery with SPF and DKIM to ensure reliable and secure messaging. 



3. 🎨UI Design Upgrades:

Experience a refreshed look and feel with our upgraded user interface design. Navigating the app is now even more intuitive and visually appealing. 



4. 🏋️‍♂️Stay Fit – New Fitness Achievement

Embark on a new fitness journey with our “Stay Fit” challenge. Complete three levels and unlock a bonus achievement as you stay active by completing your daily 5000 steps.

  • Level 1:  20 days of 5000 steps/day
  • Level 2:  30 days of 5000 steps/day
  • Level 3:  90 days of 5000 steps/day


5. 🌐Automatic Zoom Switch for Map Filters:

Navigate with ease! Our automatic zoom switch enhances map filters, providing a smoother and more intuitive map experience that is based on your current speed.




6. ⭐Rating Pop-Up:

Your feedback matters! Share your thoughts with our new in-app rating pop-up. We value your opinions and use them to make continuous improvements



7. 🔄 In-App update:

Keeping your app up-to-date is now more convenient than ever.

 Explore the update function directly within the app for quick and hassle-free updates.




8. 🆎Multilanguage:

Last but not least, our BIGGEST upgrade! Speak your language! We had to work weeks to re-code our old “strings” variables in the correct way to be able to add multiple languages to our UI.

We’ve expanded our multilanguage options to include:

  • Deutsch
  • English
  • Español
  • Français
  • Italiano
  • Magyar
  • Português
  • Română
  • 한국인
  • 中國人
  • हिंदी
  • عربي
  • 日本語



A big Thank you 🙏

A BIG THANK YOU🙏 to our friends who took their time to help us translate the app in multilanguage and make it even more user-friendly:  Filippo M.(IT), Rares P. &  Gonçalo M. (PT), Egon V.(HU), Andres M. (ES), Liang T.(ZH), Georg K.(DE) 


Release notes (6.6.1) - 12.11.2023



  • Added a new challenge achievement – stay fit (3 Levels + Bonus)
  • Added Automatic Zoom switch to Map filters
  • Added Steps Count 
  • Rating pop-up screen
  • In-app update 
  • Multilanguage:





  • UI design improvements   
  • Email delivery (SPF & DKIM) fixed
  • Updated dependencies & libraries
  • Fixed the Smart Live Route updating route bug

Thank you again for your support 🙏

Warm regards, 

The #GoCrew Team



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