You can see members of the crews you are part of on real-time as they move on the map. 

Get notified when crew members go online, invite you online, and send you a notification. 

Also when you go online others will be notified if they have it turned it on in their profile settings. 


Only subscribers to the Premium or Enterprise app will be ads-free.

Creating your own crews/groups is what makes this app so special. 

Create a crew (public/private), set an event, customize it with images and text, and set it as a meeting point. 


Subscriptions Plans: 

  • Free – 1 crew
  • Premium – 5 crews 
  • Enterprise – Unlimited crews

Having this feature will allow you to automatically switch songs on Spotify without existing the app. 

Also, see the Song details, skip forward or backward. 

You must have already an account connected to spotify to enjoy this benefit. 

Leaderboards & Achievements!

Unlock achievements by using the app and discover features that later will give you XP for you Play profile. 

Rank up also on the Leaderboard by using the app more frequently. 

For more info click here: https://go-crew.com/gamification/

When you have your own crew, you can setup events with location, date, time & description for crew members to see and maybe join live at your location.

Creating your crew can be public or private. 

Public – anyone on the app can join your crew.

Private – set a password and only users who know the password can become members and join your crew.
This is only available for PREMIUM or ENTERPRISE users !

TAP-ing on the speedometer will open up a screen with a lot of information based on your current location (latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, temperature, sunset time, sunrise time, wind etc.)

This is only available for PREMIUM or ENTERPRISE users !

This feature is helping users on the move to follow each other by live navigating to a moving target. 

When this is activated a navigation route line is drawn on the map to show the path to the dynamic destination(other members that is moving). Every 50m approx. the route will update because the moving detination has been also updated. 

For more info about this feature read here: https://go-crew.com/live-smart-route/

This is only available for PREMIUM or ENTERPRISE users !

Depending on the pricing plan you have you can choose different navigation icons that represent your style on the map.

  • Free – 1 blue arrow
  • Premium – 45 icons (cars, emojis, planes etc.)
  • Enterprise- 60 icons (trucks, VIPs, taxi, police, vans etc.) 

Main roads on the map will be shown with different colors depending on the traffic status. 

This is only available for ENTERPRISE users !

The frequency of how often the location will pe updated and shared with the crew can be adjusted (in minutes or hours). 

This is only available for ENTERPRISE users !

"Great app for sharing your location with your friends at festivals"

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