Hey, did you know you can earn rewards simply by not using your phone while driving?

For every minute you travel with more than 20km/h the app will recognize your trip and if you do not touch your phone/interact, you will receive points. If you do anything on your phone, you will miss out on points.

Later, you can buy Mobilio currency with the cumulated points. When everyone using the app will generate points with their distribution free trips, more and more Mobilio cryptocurrency will be generated and exchanged which will raise the exchange rate between the points & Mobilio.

Later with this currency, we could pay/buy services from Mobilio partners (Medical, insurances, etc).

Install the Mobilio app now with our referral code fv56uu and we’ll both get 50 bonus points.

Distracted driving kills. Let’s make the roads safer, and earn rewards at the same time 🙂

Since Go Crew has the purpose to make things safer and easier, we recommend this product which has great potential in the near future in the cryptocurrency market as well as in healthcare or insurance areas.

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