New Website – Go Crew 4.8

Welcome to our new website. Hope you enjoy the new and improved design.

Join a crew with one tap

The Crews tab will be improved also with the 4,8 version: Joining a crew will be easier than ever since now it includes check buttons that will trigger join the event.   So now instead of going into the crews’ details and then taping on the join button (top, right), the user only has to tap on […]

New Design

Go Crew newest version 4.8 will benefit also a new fresh design including a new map layer with improved and user-friendly color. The  “me” icon will also change with a new one that looks cooler and drops the shadow. The moving of the markers will be remarkably improved adding to it a very nice smoothness  BUT keeping […]

New Authentication – Firebase

Using FIrebase as our backend for notification and future authentications, we will make it now even more easier for the people to use Go Crew. We are going to include google, facebook,e-mail and anonymous authentication.

Go Crew Version 4.8 in progress

We are proud to let you know that we are working on a new Go Crew version, updating the current version and making it more efficient, smooth and easier to use. The new version will include authentication features, design improvements, Map improvements and many more.   Features list: Authentication with Google, Facebook, E-mail or Anonymous  […]