Let’s clear a bit why is go crew sooooo special !

#RTLS = Real-Time Location Sharing (LIVE) πŸ”₯

Uploading your location is made by default every time your move minimum 2 meters (Live). This, of course, can be adjusted in the settings and set it, for example, every 1 min or every 1 hour.

#GLS = Group Location SharingπŸ”₯

Instead of sharing your location separately with everyone, one 2 one, go crew enables you to share your location in groups. This way is much easier and faster, plus, you can be member of multiple groups.

#MDR = Moving Destination Routing

Last but not least, the biggest of all features is navigating to a moving target or destination. So when you want to navigate to a destination is easy. Use #googlemaps or #waze or any other navigation app from the AppStore. Now, what if your destination is moving? 😟you need everytime his/her last location and re-enter it into your app for re-routing.😰
With #GoCrew you just have 4 taps enable the re-rounting.

Live demo how to start following live
  1. Tap on the user icon (car, emoji, etc)
  2. Tap again on the pop-up info window or on the user photo (top right corner)
  3. Select πŸ‘€Follow
  4. Select your travel mode:
    • πŸš— Driving
    • 🚲 Bicycle
    • πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈ Walking
    • 🚎 Public transport

This will :

  1. Create a route to your friend
  2. Set your screen view in navigation mode.
  3. Show route info like time & distance remaining
  4. Depending on what travel mode you have selected it will update the route accordingly based on your speed and travel distance as well as your targets speed and destination.
  5. The followed target will receive a notification
MDR – Live Follow Routing example