New features, multilanguage & achievements with v6.6

Exciting news!      We’re thrilled to announce the release of GoCrew Version 6.6.1, packed with enhancements, multilanguages and new features to elevate your experience. Here’s a quick overview:       1. 🗺️Smart Live Route Update Fix:  We’ve addressed and resolved issues related to Smart Live Route updating. Enjoy seamless, real-time route optimization for […]

Freemium – One App, Endless Possibilities

      We’re thrilled to share some exciting news about the future of our app – #FREEMIUM. Over the years, your support has been instrumental in our growth and development. Today, we are making a significant change to provide you with an even better experience. 1. Freemium In our journey to continuously improve and simplify […]

Faster & Smoother

UPDATE: Faster & Smoother Version 6.3.3 Download   Release Notes: – New – The latest Map Renderer is used for a better & smoother user experience when interacting with the map.   – Bugs fixed – Slow & Blurred map Facebook Sign-in is possible again Zooming out was showing faulty traffic bulky images  

Gamification Leaderboard & Achievements

Gamification cover

What is Gamification? Gamification is the application of typical elements of game playing (e.g. point scoring, competition with others, rules of play) to other areas of activity, typically as an online marketing technique to encourage engagement with a product or service. Gamification is exciting because it promises to make the hard stuff in life fun. […]

Live Smart Route

Gamification Leaderboard & Achievements

Feature description One of the app’s main features is called Live Smart Route. This feature allows users to create a route on the map between two users and updates the route in real-time as the users move. This means that as soon as one user starts moving, the route will be updated to reflect their new […]

Version 6.2.0 with Live Smart Route & Sonar

Release Notes New Live Smart Route (Navi mode that re-creates the route to a moving target + Sonar sound depending on the distance) Notification Icon design updated Launcher app icon design updatedThe main icon design updated to squircle The start screen design updated Libraries updated to the latest version Dropdown list for selecting the current […]

A New Simplified Version 6.0

We are happy to announce our newst update 6.0 Group Location Sharing app Big Design Changes New Icons Security Updates Simplified User Experience- New   Camera permissions added Top bar background for profile details & crew details Gradle updated to latest version 7.0.2 Blue circle call to action button moved to Map screen My Crews […]

Premium Price Update

The price for Go Crew Premium changed to 9,99€

New version – New Features for Go-Crew 5.0.4

We are happy to announce the release of Go Crew version 5.0.4.  This version has now updated libraries, new features,  improvements & bug fixes.  To find out more, read the release notes below Weather Info Tap Yourself Select Navi Emoji Auto Day/Night Mode Previous Next Release Notes Version 5.0.4 – 2021 New Features 1.Weather Info […]

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