We are proud to let you know that we are working on a new Go Crew version, updating the current version and making it more efficient, smooth and easier to use. The new version will include authentication features, design improvements, Map improvements and many more.


Features list:

  1. Authentication with Google, Facebook, E-mail or Anonymous 
  2. New Map layout with an improved design
  3. Arrow icon changed
  4. Comes with a new website design
  5. Share live link, so with one click anyone can follow you on browser



  1. GPS arrow movement is smoother than ever.
  2. View position is customizable
  3. Invite someone to your crew (improved)
  4. Improved Go Premium message
  5. Crew Tab includes a check button for an easier user experience to join a crew.


We can’t wait to release it, but for now, this is the only info we can share with you.