Go Crew


Remember NFS Underground the game , where you had the map and you could see all the drivers at the same time ?
This app does the same !!!!
Try it and have fun grin emoticon
The Go Crew, a multi-user app which reports the GPS location in real time, is finally out and available for Android OS in Google play.
By using this app, you will never lose your friends again, you can follow your friends anywhere, see all of them on map at the same time, create your own group (public / private), and create your event.
Google play link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details…
Official website: http://www.go-crew.com/

This is an application which shows where you and your friends are real-time and where are they heading on map simultaneously. All you have to do is just create your profile, a community (your group) and then tell the others to join. You can also set an event with a destination point and all your friends from that community will see the target destination and also they generate a route(by vehicle, bicycle, transit and walking) to that point. If you are the admin of the group you can also kick joined people or delete the group/community. This app is very simple to use, very UI friendly and you don’t need to make complicated authentication over other social media profiles. You create your profile and that’s it. In 1 min you are on your way. See where your friends heading REALTIME, FAST, and SIMPLE without any other issues or delays.

Real time tracking
No. of crews (unlimited)
Crew availability
Send message
Create events
Generate route to event
Google map features
Passwort protected crew

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  • find your friends when you’re drunk
  • bicycle ride meet
  • tunning fest and gatherings
  • airsoft
  • pinball
  • friends tracker
  • running
  • bicycle ride meet
  • meeting someone in another city where you don’t know the streets
  • motorcycle meeting
  • any outdoor or inndoor multi user activities